Exploring Partial Ownership


Mona Lisa's Nose C-2


C-2 invites their audience to re-negotiate the concept of ownership. This is done by auctioning and selling art works to always more than one collector. C-2 explores then through performance, play and fiction how the relationship between several art owners can be governed before developing technical solutions.

Traditionally ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, which may be an object, land, real estate or intellectual property. Through tokenization ownership can be shared by a group. Similar to stock, token holders can hold a share in a company or co-own a plot of land. However, people seem to get uneasy when being confronted with the idea of partially owning a piece of art. Who wants to have the Mona Lisa’s nose if you have to share the rest?

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The tokens representing co-owned art pieces are for now issued on the Ethereum network. Through a digital wallet using a private key, co-collectors can access their tokens. Take a look at our first auction contracts on Github.

C-2 Token Wallet


Upcoming Auctions

20th of June at Super Markt, Berlin

11th of July at 1E9, Munich



Mohammed Alsharif - Blockchain Developer

Niels Poensgen - Music Producer and Developer

Marlene Ronstedt - Writer and Artist

Ahmed Alsharif - Developer and Researcher

Moana Holenstein - Music Producer and Artist



If you have a press inquiry or are interested in doing an auction with us, please get in touch.